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A Free Lettering Workshop

Workshop for students of Graphic Design

Workshop contents

Tipotaco is a workshop for students of Graphic
Design that combines traditional and digital techniques. The final goal is to design a modular typeface for setting words or designing logos and letterforms.

This means dealing and setting with modular parts to build a geometric alphabet. The letters will consist of basic modules to be combined into two or four pieces. These modules will be made in an absorbent material and sticked later on a wooden block as a mobile type or a system of stamp printing.

Once the blocks for the letters were made, a composition will be print which brings out the qualities of the alphabet. It will be stamped on a DIN A2 poster used as legible type or in a experimenting way getting other formats of paper folded or bound.


Digital Lettering Design

By digital procedures, modular letters can be
used on different multimedia. This application for Android, or other systems are easy to design and to implement.The final aim is to use letters as an interactive form in a different device than a computer desktop.


Some samples of digital application can be found in this link:


Knowledge needs

Before the workshop is appropriate for students to study models of experimental typefaces modular alphabets. A page on facebook with the name of TIPOTACO is open where some examples can be seen.

It is essential also, given the limited time of the workshop, that students draw previously their typography they like in a graph paper that allows to work on a 3 x 3 cm square bracket.

Digital knowledge needed is around graphic applications as Illustrator and Photoshop. Knowledge about interactive processes woulb be teached at the workshop.

Graph paper, drawing tools, metal rulers, cutting knife, glue, wooden blocks based 3x3cm and 4 high, adhesive templates. Pads of Pelikan color printing or other brands, un medium to large size. Basic type DIN A2 paper, kraft paper, cardboard.
Erasmus Tipotaco

Tipotaco Workshop has been developed in several schools across Europe since its first experience in 2012:

Escuela de Arte de Almeria, Spain.
Academia di Belle Arti di Palermo, Italy.
Listaháskóli Islands Reykjavík, Island
Akademija likovnih umjetnosti Zagreb, Croatia.
ISIA Urbino, Italy

Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera

Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera
Milano, May 2018

PDF File A visual guide


Luis CondeLuis Conde is a Fine Arts Phd. from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He is teacher of Graphic Design at Escuela Susperior de Diseño in Madrid where he teaches several subjects related to Visual Communication as Projects of Graphic Design, Tipography and Art Direction.

Susana MuriasSusana Murias is a Fine Arts graduate in Painting from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She is painter and graphic artist, and teacher of Graphic Design at Escuela Susperior de Diseño in Madrid where he teaches several subjects: Foundations of Graphic Design, Tipography and Experimental Graphic Design Projects. She has teached also Engraving and Graphic Techniques.

Ignacio VázquezIgnacio Vázquez is Engineer from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and Graduate in Documentation from the UOC. He is teacher of Digital Technology at Escuela Susperior de Diseño in Madrid where he teaches several subjects related to interactive media and design: Interactive Graphics and Digital Tecnology for HTML5 Applications.

Links and references

Tipotaco en Facebook to build simple modular typefaces in true type formar.
Samples of modular letters
Samples of digital application